Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer and goldsmith Éitan Levy takes inspiration from ancient cultures and futuristic aesthetics to create contemporary, innovative jewelry that goes beyond seasons and trends.

After graduating from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design with a B.Des in Jewelry, he spent several years working with fine jewelry-makers in Israel while also designing and producing his own unique creative expressions. He officially launched his eponymous jewelry brand in 2017.

Éitan's pieces are infused with color and energy. He uses 18k solid gold, sterling silver, colorful gemstones, diamonds and surprising materials such as ethically sourced oxbone which he hand-carves himself. The result has a distinctly otherworldly feel that is both chic and timeless that can be paired equally well with evening wear or casually.

Éitan feels that jewelry must be well-designed and made to last. Each model is created in his studio and finished, one at a time, with high standards of craftsmanship. He proudly uses only traditional tools and techniques in the production of his jewelry. All aspects of the work are done by hand, without the aid of computers. 

Shop at his store online or make an appointment and visit him at his Venice studio.

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